2022 Rocky Mountain Songwriter Contest Winner

“…sharing a sound that’s cast in honesty, emotion and homespun sentiment…the songs say it all, providing clear indication that Goldpine has established a precious standard.” -Lee Zimmerman (Goldmine Magazine)

From Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion and the Kansas City Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium to listening rooms throughout the United States, husband-wife duo GOLDPINE has been offering their own brand of bold harmony-driven Americana to audiences large and small. WINNER of the 2022 Rocky Mountain Songwriter Contest, their distinctive harmonies are clearly a channel for their sometimes-raucous, sometimes-reminiscent compositions. With an incredible collection of stories about life, love, and purpose, their live performance is a powerful projection of everything Goldpine is about: striking vocals, bold harmony, and introspection into the human experience.

After nearly a decade of honing in on their sound, Goldpine released their sophomore album Two and continues to waste no time showing what they stand for. Their lead single, “Do You Have Me,” showcases Kassie’s powerhouse of a voice. Starting out slow, the song cycles through a pattern of harmonious verses and a commanding chorus, ultimately building to an instrumental interlude of southern electric guitars and a rhythmic tambourine.  Two is about real people and real situations, told through candid and passionate songwriting. “I want people to come away from this album and take an honest look at themselves,” Ben remarks. “An honest look at motives. An honest look at connections with other people. An honest look at how we use the time we've been given.” Exposing the pains of severed relationships and unearthing the pursuits of love and purpose, Goldpine is cathartic, moody, dissonant and relevant, all intertwined into one. 

“Goldpine is folksy and falls within the Americana genre but their musical arrangements are very innovative and eclectic.” - Melissa Clarke (Americana Highways, July 7, 2022)